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Dear Friends

Traditionally, November in the British mind-set, has a feeling of looking back. All Souls’ and All Saints’ start the month off, followed by Remembrance Sunday and towards the end Advent begins during which we look back at how the great promise of God to Abraham unfolded through the Millenia in preparation for Jesus coming among us.

The ‘’looking back’ can easily become a nostalgic and very sad affair, but from the Christian perspective there is always one ingredient that transforms these memories into something life giving and inspirational. The ingredient of hope. “We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul” (Hebrews 6:19).

Hope transforms our present by seeing God’s work in the past and trusting Him with our future. All Souls’ is not just a recognition of our loss in the past but a reminder of the promise we have in Jesus that in Christ we have the promise of life eternal. All Saints’ is a celebration of the reality of those who already enjoy the fullness of God’s promises. Remembrance is a recognition that amidst the horror and atrocity of war there is courage and bravery and sacrifice; an opportunity to commit ourselves to wage peace in any way, praying that our children will learn to live in ways that we were unable to.

Left to our own devices, hope can easily be seen as naïve or simple wishful thinking. God transforms this by assuring us that He is working His purposes out in ways we cannot always understand as they happen. “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)


Julie Lowe, who completed her testimony concert in Lefkada, Albania and Corfu on Sunday, shared not just incredible piano playing but her “testimony of hope”. In Julie’s life there were twists and turns that she could not imagine which at the time often left her confused and lost but she described how even these most difficult times became part of an unfolding pattern in her life that led her closer to the peace and love of God.

This same theme became part of the activities at the women’s healing event on Friday evening, led by Christine and Trish. Those attending placed together broken pieces of crockery to form a cross as a symbolic representation of events and experiences that seem almost too much to bear have a significance that goes beyond their immediate impact… when hope and the love of God enfolds them. We must look no further than the cross of Jesus to see how God can work through what seems like the most hopeless of situations to transform the world. This is the power of hope when love and faith are at work. It is the resurrection that follows the cross… so God does not simply make everything “as good as new” but what comes as a result is better, stronger and more beautiful than before. This is the power of Christ in our difficulties and His hope for our future.

It is this hope for ourselves, those we live among and all humanity that the church carries from generation to generation knowing that “it is impossible for God to prove false” (Hebrews 6:18) and wherever we are in life today, there will be a time when we look back and see God’s embrace around us as we continue to make our own journey toward Him.

With peace and blessings,



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