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Dear Friends


Strangely enough, I’m writing this month’s letter from England rather than Corfu! A family wedding and our

new granddaughter have brought us back. What better reasons could there be?

It is a reminder that our relationships in life are what really matter and so much can often conspire to hide

that simple truth.

If we think about the way in which Jesus went about his ministry and summarised his teaching (love God and

your neighbour as yourself) we can see that relationships are the foundation of spiritual life. Not exactly what

we might expect when we think about holiness! And yet all the fruit of the Spirit which is evidence of our

spiritual growth in Christ (love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness gentleness etc...) require one another to find

their full expression. True, we can be kind to ourselves but the emphasis remains on our relationships with

others and how we treat other people.

There are many forces at work in our world which push against this true growth in our humanity. Economic

forces can be dangerous when they see in the numbers, a necessary poverty for many. We look to Greece to

see that. Political expediency is dangerous when “collateral damage” dehumanises the negative impact of

actions taken to secure power. The complexity of Syria is an example here. It’s too easy to cut corners that

cost others rather than ourselves. Events in London seem to be demonstrating this. It will be very sad if the

tone of the Brexit negotiations undermines decades of peaceful and prosperous relationships between the UK

and Europe. The bigger the problem, the more difficult it is to see the wood for the trees, or perhaps the

people for the crowds.

I wonder if this is why God in his ultimate wisdom, the one who sees it all, chose a personal approach to

helping us to grow as his children? For God, everyone is precious and valued beyond any price (we only have

to see the cross of Jesus to see that) and so if anything begins to blind us to that truth it should immediately

set our spiritual alarm bells ringing. It is why the calling of every Christian is to turn our gifts inside out and

ask ourselves the question, “how can I be who I am in a way that works and helps others not just myself?”. It

is the work of the Holy Spirit to help us with this and the means by which we grow. There are way too many

stories in the news at the moment which show us what happens when this question is not asked; but that is

all the more reason to keep on reminding ourselves to follow the simple, yet ultimately challenging, teaching

of Jesus to love our neighbours as ourselves.

You will see in this month’s Pulse that there are many doing this. Lots of ideas to offer to others; the

opportunity to get together for no other reason than sharing this simple truth; make and deepen relationships

and see the world changed and healed in God’s way. One person at a time through the risky business of love

and friendship; with God and each other. Please keep the busy summer schedule here in Corfu in your

prayers as we try some new ideas which we hope and pray are in line with God’s plan for us.

I hope everyone has a blessed summer and that we all find time for the most important things in life.

With every blessing,


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