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Pulse is our monthly news sheet reflecting upon recent events, looking forward to the coming month, drawing attention to prayer needs and giving thanks for answered prayer.

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Dear Friends,


Happy New Year! I hope Christmas was a time of wonder for you – that the Creator of the Universe, became one of us that we may begin to grasp his love and vision for who we are – such small creatures in comparison to His greatness and yet each of us valued and loved. If we grasp, even for a moment, the scale of His venture, it is humbling enough; but when we add to this that He knew what He would have to go through in order that we could understand the extent of his grace – then we can but respond in awe and worship.

And as new year begins, we have another twelve months (God willing!) ahead to find ways of honouring this incredible gift of life and salvation we have been given. What shall we do with them? Any ideas?

Our first response to this question may be to try and imagine something very different for ourselves for the new year… some world shaking grand-scheme that will change everything!! But then we remember that such ideas are really difficult to come up with – and that God has done that part already – He really is the one with the Big Plan!! Maybe best to just join in with His!

So, realising that things are probably going to unfold at a little more of a steady pace, maybe we think about being more zealous in our faith? That’s got to be a good aspiration! We could spend hours a day in rapturous mystical experiences, saturated with the holy Spirit, from which we come back down the spiritual “mountain” to shine like lights in the world! We could become spiritual giants – fully transformed and God-like, ready to save the world. But then we remember that Jesus has already done that – He is the Saviour after all, not us. Hmmm!

So, how do we respond in awe and worship to the wonderous gifts God has given us? If we can’t be world changing or spiritual heroes – what else is worth doing?

Well, I guess we could start by simply saying, “Thank you”. We can do that – everyday. When we awake and when we go to sleep; when we eat and when we see a beautiful sunset. Being mindful and thankful seems to honour the great Giver of gifts. It makes quite a difference to us too – to remember in the midst of our daily anxieties that we are blessed. Saying, “Thank you” as often as I can is going on my New Year’s Resolutions list”

What else?

I know that each day, each week is going to bring new opportunities to say the kind word, help someone we come across in need, pray for those struggling to pray for themselves. These opportunities will present themselves to us and we will not need to look for them. They always do. Yet each of them will be an opportunity for us to be the right person at the right time. Being prepared and willing to speak those words, say those prayers, serve in those small ways, feels like another step in the right direction. I’ll add that to my resolutions list too.

In fact, I think that will do. Saying, “thank you”, being prepared. Knowing myself, that sounds like more than enough!!

I often feel that when we are thinking about how we grow as Christians it is too easy to fall into two traps – the first is that “big is beautiful” and God needs our grand schemes to see his Kingdom come. And the second (and like it!) is to underestimate the value of faithfulness and kindness in the joy and duty of daily service and care.

I am reminded of a verse that I often quote (given to me by a wise and faithful lady who was once my spiritual advisor and who may well be reading this) and it is this: “In quietness and trust shall be your strength” (Isaiah 30:15).

Whatever plans you are making for 2018, I pray that this verse will be a guide; that your life will be rooted in thankfulness, and that you will be ready for the small acts of kindness that our Lord places in your path to do.

With peace and blessings,


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