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Pulse is our monthly news sheet reflecting upon recent events, looking forward to the coming month, drawing attention to prayer needs and giving thanks for answered prayer.

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Dear Friends,

It is amazing how time flies by! By the end of the month it will be Easter and we will have walked again with Jesus through His journey into Jerusalem, remembered His last meal with His disciples before His wrestle in Gethsemane, His passion and suffering for us and we will be celebrating again His glorious resurrection! Another Lent and Easter.

Another year closer to the fulfillment of His Kingdom work and our fulfillment in Him.

This year we will have a special treat on Easter Eve as the Redlynch Players enact a Holy Week Drama at HTC – “We Were There”, which will be exploring the impact of Jesus’ passion week on those who walked with Him in person. What an experience that must have been! From the perspective of those following, it must have been a roller-coaster ride – from hope and triumph to fear and despair and then to wonder and awe! And more importantly, from confusion to clarity as the purposes of God became clearer and the truth became personal and real for them… Jesus is the Saviour of the World – and we are part of that.

We have been exploring on Sundays over the last few weeks how our faith journeys can be a bit of a roller-coaster ride too. At moments we know the wonder and clarity our faith gives us; at other time, life can seem a struggle, even disappointing. It is one of the wonders of our Scriptures that the great heroes of faith – Abraham, David, Elijah – all went through the same experiences. Times of wonder; times of difficulty and fear. It seems to me that this is what our faith is really like. Yet underneath all our ups and downs there is a constant – God’s Grace. It is He who does not waiver; He who is there; He who waits for us, helps us and carries us.

One of the great wonders for me about Jesus’ passion is His faith in us. Faith in God is a lot easier than faith in humanity and yet as Jesus shattered the barriers between

humanity and God reconciling us in Himself, He was able to hold onto that faith in us and pray for us. As I say, beneath our ups and downs, there is a constant – His Grace, His faith in us. For this, we can have only wonder and admiration expressed in worship and praise. We can only respond in thankfulness and continue our journeys with Him no matter what. He deserves no less.

So, as we prepare to walk again with Him through those experiences as best we can through Passiontide, we do so because of His strength in our weakness and His faithfulness through our doubts. He will not let us go until we complete our journey in Him at our own resurrection in the fulfilled Kingdom He came to complete.

I hope and pray that there will be nothing that stands in your way when it comes to honouring our King of Glory this year and that your joy may be made complete in Him.

With peace and blessings,


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