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HTC occupies part of the Ionian Parliament Building in Corfu Town and has an attractive courtyard garden. The church is 50 metres from one of the main streets of Corfu Town. The local authority has plans which are well progressed to renovate the exterior of the whole building as part of their plans to rejuvenate this part of Corfu Town. The Logos Café will take advantage of this and through promotion and improved communication, place HTC more firmly on the Corfu map.

Changes would include:

· Installing disabled access and toilet facilities

· Repositioning the kitchen and office

· Redecorating the community space and repositioning the shop and library into purpose-built facilities

· Furniture, fixtures and fittings

We envisage that the Logos Café will lead to congregational growth in several ways:

1. HTC offers many events throughout the year and these act as an opportunity for English speaking people of many nationalities to meet and usually contribute to the society in which they are guests. It is envisaged that this will become "the place to meet".

2. We will offer the Logos Café for other groups to use on a donation basis which will both contribute to sus-tainability of the project and generate new contacts within the English-speaking community.

3. In parallel to the Logos Café, we will offer prayer journeys and exhibitions within the chapel which will offer people opportunities to explore the Christian Faith in different ways. There will be an invitation to join an enquirers or discussion group as part of these prayer journeys. It is anticipated that the attendance to these prayer journeys and exhibitions will increase due to the projected increase in visitors.

4. The Library and Church Shop will be revamped as part the launch of the Logos Café. Both will offer Christian material and it is hoped that reading groups will form which will again provide a space to explore the Chris-tian faith.

5. The ICS seasonal chaplaincy based in Corfu will be able invite those they contact to the Logos Café. This should contribute to seasonal attendance of visitors and create points of contact for those who work here on a seasonal basis creating discipleship opportunities during the off-season period.

6. We will be able to offer enquirers courses in the relaxed and comfortable setting on an ongoing basis.

The launch of the Logos Café will be supported by a communications campaign covering hotels, connections through clubs and societies and on-line media.

Other ideas for additional events to those being currently offered include:

· Social evenings with a message

· Dances in the courtyard (e.g. Valentines again with a short relationship message)

· Development of IT classes and other workshops

· Courses (including Enquirers, Alpha, Bishops Certificate)

· Youth Café one evening a week – following on from the Festival Jubilate Mission month last year.

Proposed Plan of the Logos Café