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Pastoral Care

You are not alone! 

We live in an age of mobile phones, emails, satellite TV and internet – so many different ways to communicate, yet very often we find it difficult to find the time to sit and talk about the issues that are on our mind. Time always seems to be so short.

At Holy Trinity Corfu, we feel that there is no substitute for a friendly face and time spent listening and talking together, to support each other at times when we find ourselves with more time on our own than we would wish for or when life’s challenges seem overwhelming.


If there are situations that you are concerned about and you would like us to pray for you please submit a prayer request and we will support you in prayer as you ask. 

It's good to talk

If you have lost someone and you are finding it difficult to come to terms with life without them we can help by offering or recommending counselling services to help you find hope again. 

Absolute Confidence

If there is something that is on your mind and you would like to talk to a priest, please let our Chaplain know and he will arrange an opportunity to meet.