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For an appointment to see the chaplain please ring the Chaplain's mobile (+30) 69865 38755. 

You can contact us at the above address or telephone number.
Our email address is or use the contact form on this page.

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Carol, Fortwilliam, Scotland -Thank you so much for the Word and fellowship.  Every blessing.

 Helen & Edmund, St Andrews - A beautiful church, lovely welcome.

June & Lynn, Stowmarket -A lovely church, very welcoming. 

Annemarie, Ede, Holland -What a warm welcome, thanks for the service. God Bless.

 Clare & Matt, Peterborough -Having a lovely holiday and felt welcomed by you all. 

Ian & Cat, Manchester - Wonderful to worship with you. 

Kaye&Barry, Victoria, Australia -Continue being a presence in Greece 

Bob & Daphne, W.Kinsgdown, Kent  Really blessed to have worshipped here in Corfu, God Bless. 

Barbara & Michael, Washington DC Lovely, restful spot 

Peter & Mary, E.Yorkshire -A lovely group of people at a lovely church.  God bless you all.  

Mark & Isabelle, Nigeria -A joy to be with you 

Jenny & Peter, Nottingham  - So good to be part of your worship today 

Evelyn, Bristol - Delightful, a beacon set on a hill 

Catherine & Peter, Adelaide, Australia -Thank you for making us so welcome