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Tribute to Christopher Holmes

The following endearing tribute from Anna was read out at the Memorial Service for Chris held at HTC on 7th February. 

A Letter To My Dad…

To my dearest dad… If there is any silver lining in all of this, it is the fact we got 2 years together that we probably wouldn't have had. And, even though these last 2+ years were hectic, stressful, scary -- just generally out of our element -- we got through it as best we could, and I couldn't be prouder of how strong you have been, especially these last few months.


But, when I think about you, I don't think of Corfu, or you being sick, or the frustration we both felt being so far away from what we knew. I really only have the most positive feelings about you, and I hope that my thoughts

transcend to wherever you are right now so that you know exactly how much I love you and appreciate our time together..


I don't think most people sitting here today knew the Chris Holmes that I knew..

The dad who made it a point to walk me to the school bus every single day.

The dad who made up hours and hours worth of Princess stories just so I could fall asleep.

The dad who always took “Take your daughter to work day” seriously - & made it fun.

The dad who walked 3 miles home carrying some silly plastic pool because I wanted it, even though it wouldn't fit into our tiny car (and then 3 miles back to get the car).

The dad who secretly bought me all my rap CD’s that mom wouldn't.

The dad who would wake up extra early to grab us doughnuts and coffee before I woke up - every weekend I stayed with you.

The dad who picked me up after being arrested and wasn’t mad, but, instead, helped me with my math homework while making dinner.

And, the dad who taught me to always listen to “that little voice in my head” - AKA, my conscience – among other lessons, which were usually tied into princess stories.


The list goes on and on, of course, and these only scratch the surface, but I thought you’d like to hear what others have to say -- just so you know how much you truly are missed.


Here are 2 of the many memories that have been shared with me lately, which I feel perfectly fit the dad I know, love, and remember:

One of Georgina’s friends says: “I always thought your dad was the coolest. My favorite was when he kept a telemarketer on the phone for over 20 minutes with polite conversation. Hysterical!”

And, your friend Rebecca, had this to say: “He was one of the kindest, funniest, most erudite people I’ve ever met and I absolutely loved spending time with him and listening to his stories, which were always told in his typically self-deprecating way … one of my favourite memories of him at Amazon in the earliest days was bringing his guitar to an office party (back then the parties were literally in the office and managers would push the leftover kegs of beer around the office at 4pm every day thereafter until they were emptied, offering glasses of beer to whoever wanted them). I was expecting the usual rubbish singing – a pale imitation of Dylan or the Beatles or something – but your dad being your dad launched into a very funny song he’d written about life as a customer service rep at Amazon, named after one of the unix command tools we used. I remember the tune to this day.”


Everyday I find more memories to cherish, and I am so lucky to have such wonderful times to think back on.  Dad, you are so loved by me, Georgina, mom, nanny, Kris, David, Sina, Jeannie, Gary, Rebecca, Zach, Peter, Maureen, and many many more, who will all be in Seattle to celebrate your life and the fact that we had the chance to spend great years with you.



Your favorite daughter





We give thanks for the Lord’s provision of musicians who aid us to worship in Spirit and in Truth. Clare lives in Aharavi and is also part of the H.T.C. North team.


My name is Clare Doig, born in London in the 1950's. I was born into a church -going, Christian family so, lucky me!, Christian values and making time for going to church and celebrating all our special days was part of my up-bringing. My step-father is a professional musician so I have also been hearing good music since I was tiny. Another blessing! Also part of God's plan I think, as when there have been times when I might have gone away from the Lord,( as in my rebellious teenage years,) church music kept me going there and the wonderful truth of the song and hymn words always had an impact on me.

I was confirmed at the Anglican Church in Malton, North Yorkshire. A day I will always remember, or perhaps I should say a moment; as when the Bishop put his hand on my head in blessing I felt the Holy Spirit for the first time and have known ever since that I am a child of God, special to Him and with a responsibility to live in a way that is pleasing to Him. Like all of us I have made many mistakes in the intervening years and done things I am ashamed of, but I know God is on my side!

After school I went to teacher training college. I had hated my own school days and really wanted to be a gardener, so I don't know why I went there, except that I felt that that was what was expected of me. I studied music there which was wonderful, but after wards, not wanting a life of class-rooms I went to Plymouth to be a barmaid and marry a sailor, both ambitions of my youth! I loved working in a pub, serving people and chatting with them and I met my husband there, though he was a Royal Marine not a sailor. After we were married I went to live with Gordon in West Germany with the British Army of the Rhine and our first three children were born there. For various reasons to do with my father's work, Gordon's army career and, perhaps, my own adventurousness I have moved 17 times in my life so far. Wherever I go I always look for the nearest Episcopal church and so far I have always found one, though of course I would go to any Christian place of worship as long as I could see that Jesus was Lord there. I have lost count, and can't even remember all the different church families I have briefly been a part of, but certain people stand out who knowingly, or unknowingly, have been special in helping me to move on in my faith, to correct me sometimes and/or who have become role models for me.

You won't be surprised to hear that music is a huge part of my Christian life.( I first played the organ in church at the age of fifteen. )My musical talent is quite small but my enthusiasm is BIG! I think sung worship is vitally important to our Christian lives and to staying close to God, gaining strength from Him and hearing from Him. It is praying in song. When we lived in Aberdeenshire I was privileged to be in on the birth of a new Praise Band, as we called ourselves. This was my introduction to modern worship music, about which I knew nothing, and I couldn't play the songs as they are written in a completely different style from the hymns I was used to. BUT I was the only person who could play a keyboard instrument, so I took away the copy of Songs Of Fellowship and, ( I can only explain it this way) God taught me how to play them in a very short time! We actually lived there for 20 years, unusually for us, and eventually I became Director of Music there which included being organist and worship leader. A sometimes difficult, always time consuming job, but one which I was very proud to do in the service of Jesus and one which taught me much about myself, others and God.

Gordon and I have bee married for 33 years this year, and God has blessed us with a wonderful life full of opportunities, four beautiful daughters and, recently a darling little grandson. I also feel very blessed that God has equipped me to serve Him, in a small way, in His church with all my Christian brothers and sisters alongside.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be playing, singing and worshipping with you all at Holy Trinity. Thank you for accepting us with love and friendship and for being our latest Church Family, hopefully for years to come!

Remember, " If God be for us, who can be against us?"! Romans 8: verse 31





My name is Julian Wilson – but people usually call me Jules. I’m married to Trish and we have five

children – Emily (26), Amy-Rose (24), Katie-Ann (22), Lily (17) and Josh (15). We are a very close family although geographically we are quite dispersed at times with Emily and her husband, Calum, developing a charity they founded in Uganda and Amy-Rose teaching in Lavadia, Greece and Katie-Ann completing her International Relations degree at Leeds.

I was born and raised with my sister, Gay, in the Midlands and completed my first degree at Durham in Natural Sciences. After travelling with Trish in our early twenties, I worked in the public and private sectors specialising in strategic and change management.

I received the call to ordination somewhat out of the blue in my early thirties and after training while still working and completing my second degree in Theology, I became a full time Curate in Uttoxeter – a group of 10 churches. Upon completion of my curacy I was approached to become the Chaplain at Denstone College, a Woodard school which was a gift to my family and me at the time. After three years fantastic experience, the call to parish church life was too strong to resist and we moved to Baschurch in Shropshire where I have been the Rector of three churches for the last six years and Rural Dean for Ellesmere for the last three. It has been a privilege to see the three churches here grow and the hardest thing about this move is leaving behind those who have been so supportive and generous here. So why move at all?

Trish and I have been thinking and praying for some time about where we might be called to next. We both felt that working in a different culture was important and particularly felt a sense of calling to Western Greece. We imagined that this may be a few years away but we happened upon the advert for Holy Trinity last year (when checking on an advert placed for the next door parishes) and we knew it was right. The rest, as they say, is history. In fact quite a lot of history as it is over a year since the interview process. So why has it taken so long?

I had commitments here, as Rural Dean and as a training incumbent for our Curate, which meant that I wouldn’t have been able to leave until Easter this year at the earliest. As well as this, and in parallel, Malcolm, the Chaplain in Athens, along with Patrick and +Robert have been working very hard with Pauline, Chris and Rhona to finalise the recognition of the Church of England in Greece and this created a few further delays as the final details were worked through for Holy Trinity. And finally and sadly, my father passed away a week or so ago which resulted in a few more weeks needed here to honour him and settle his affairs.

But… the time draws very close. Ferries are booked. Bags are packed. It won’t be long before we are able to settle and get fully involved with you all there.

It does feel that there is a new phase of the life of the church beginning. I am convinced that God has plans to bless and prosper the church and I am very excited at the prospect of being a part of that.  We have a wonderful Lord whom we can trust completely to lead us into His future for us together.

For Trish and I, this is a step into a new phase of life, too. Working and serving God’s Kingdom in this part of the world is something we are committed to. Although I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, I am looking forward more to that time when we know each other well, when we have discerned together where God is leading us and we are comfortably and peacefully engaged in his work – enjoying being his people together and seeing Him at work among us.

So, I look forward to meeting you all soon and I would like to say thank you for all the prayers and support we have received so far. They make all the difference in the world!

With every blessings in Christ,





At the AGM on Thursday, 19th March, Jackie Vallance was elected on to the Church Council.  Jackie’s love of flora and fauna is apparent in the Church and church room with the wonderful flower displays which Jackie and her team put together



My name is Jacqueline Susan VALLANCE and I was born in Redhill, Nottingham. My mother was Dorothy and my father was Frank HILL. I had two older sisters, Doreen and Brenda. We were a very close family and I always remember having a very happy childhood, especially being the youngest.  I have now lost all my family. Both my sisters passed away since we came to Corfu.


I left school at 15 years and did a Hairdressing Apprenticeship, which I completed at the age of 21.  I then trained to be a general nurse, during which time, I met Brian. We married in 1970 and had two children, Philip and Rachel. They are now 42 and 38, respectively. We are now grandparents to Jessica and Oliver. 


We came to Corfu after my retirement from nursing, in 2004 and joined the Holy Trinity Church the same year.  Brian was a police officer in Cornwall for over 20 years while I was nursing.  I got involved with my local churches and their events from a very early age.


I try to help, where I can, in the HTC, Corfu, especially as I am the ‘Flower Lady’ and enjoy singing as well.


HTC has a very special place in my heart. We have made so many friends, and love our lives here.


In God’s Name – Amen.




For many years Mila has cleaned the church and kept the garden watered. She has also written a Praise song, lovingly cared for the linen for a period and crocheted cloths and covers for the Sanctuary with the words "Jesus Remember me "

I’m Mila Sanguyen, a native of the Philippines, lived in Santa Lucia, Hocos Sun, a child out of wed.  My mother is of Filipino race and my father is a pure Chinese from Amoy China.

Since my childhood I was raised up as a church goer since my mother is a Christian while my father is a Buddist.  When I was six years old attending the church there was a missionary who had come from America to help people be healed from illnesses and disease, they also administered Xrays free of charge.  I’m one of whom they found out my heart is in my right side which is not normal but they found no problem in me and they said I’m an ‘extra-ordinary person’.

As a growing 9-10 year old and loving to serve the Lord, I was given the task to teach the other children of my age to memorize scripture from the Bible during Sunday School.  I was also active in all the church activities and a member of the choir and joining revival assemblies.  I had that longing to serve the Lord, but when my father sent me to college to take BSE (Bachelor of Science in Education) I just obeyed him not really satisfied for the course because I wanted to become a deaconess, but sadly that was not the choice of my father for me.

At the age of 20 I got married although I had not yet graduated from my course.  I was blessed with a baby girl but the marriage did not last long and I separated with my husband.  Years passed and I had another relationship and I gave birth to two children, unluckily it did not work out again so I was left with three children by myself to support.

I went to several places and countries as a domestic helper in order to support the needs of my children especially their education - I received no help from their fathers.

I had been baptized into the Muslim religion because it’s easier to find a job in Arab countries.  However it says in Acts 4v12 ‘there’s no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved’.  I believed because of my prayer.

In 1987 I came to Greece to work for my employer, Mr & Mrs Agathou since the time I arrived in Corfu until now.  They are very good and understanding and helpful.  In fact it was a blessing that they allowed me to do part-time job here in the church.  They even helped me find an employer for my youngest daughter so she came to work here for three years, she then applied for work in Canada and is there now and I was so happy that she did all that by herself easily.  I know when we obey the word of God as in Acts 2 v37-39.

About my family - I have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy and who all have their own families now and I have 11 grandchildren, 8 girls and 3 boys.  So I believed God has a purpose keeping me in this country still, so I could serve Him more and to know Him better.  I encouraged each and everyone to trust our Lord Jesus Christ because He alone can supply our needs Philippians 4v19.

Psalms 34 v 1-4

1 I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. 

My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.

I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!





 Secretary of the PCC, Maggie Stamatelou.

Born in Lichfield, brought up in Kent and with Manx parents, I had a happy, stable upbringing alongside my two siblings.  I went to Crusaders where I learnt Bible stories and assumed I was a Christian.  It wasn’t until I came to Corfu and the small home group that Bob Bond (Chaplain 1988-1991) and his wife June started for some of us young mums, that I realised that it wasn’t just knowing the stories and mixing with other Christians that defined you but it was knowing Jesus and understanding what he had done for ME that makes the difference.

During my previous stint on the PCC in 1999, once again a time during interregnum, it was decided at a council meeting that we needed to revamp the newsletter.  All eyes turned to me as secretary, so I took it on.   Wanting the newsletter to focus on how we work in the Body of Christ  at HTC and what keeps us going I decided on the name ‘Pulse’.

After my children, Antonis and Kristina were born I stopped work, but started taking part time summer work as they got older.   Having repped the previous summer in 1998, I really didn’t fancy doing that again so was looking for something more me.  As a secretary BC (before Corfu) admin was my forté.

Whilst working on the first edition of Pulse in March 1999, I was planning the format and decided to have a section ‘Food for Thought’ and was scrolling the internet for a suitable phrase and came across ‘Attempt good things for God, expect great things from God’ which I thought was excellent, added it to the document and saved.  Less that one minute later the phone rang and it was someone I had met recently at a children’s party and asked if I was interested in a job at the Messonghi Beach Hotel in the reservations department.  WOW!  The job was exactly what I wanted.  This was not only an answer to prayer but also confirmed to me that the ‘Pulse’ was going in the right direction.  15 years and several editors later, I am holding my baby again.

Every time I walk into Holy Trinity I feel I am at home.  It is a place where I feel safe and loved.  As HTC enters a new phase of its life with a new permanent chaplain next year and the state of Greece recognising the Anglican Church, it is onward and forward for HTC. 

Maggie Stamatelou

PCC Secretary and Editor of ‘Pulse’



Rhona Barker - Treasurer of the PCC


I was born in Guildford Surrey and grew up in the village of Fetcham.  As children we attended a Congregational Church in Leatherhead.  After leaving school I went to work in London at Midland Overseas Bank in the city.  From then on I have always worked in accounts.  My girls started school in a Church of England school, so I changed churches to give them some continuity as all their activities were in C of E.  I worked for 26yrs for a firm of solicitors in Farnham, Surrey being the Practice Manager in the Accounts Department.  Before I retired I trained as a Pastoral Assistant for my church, having in mind that I could spend more time working in the pastoral environment where I felt God was calling me. I also did a four year course in bible study which was being held in our church.  Lester and I then made the big decision to come to Corfu. Here I am now the Treasurer for HTC and enjoy the life of the church on this beautiful island.  Three years ago we lost our eldest daughter.  How does one cope with such a loss!  It was our faith and hope in our Lord Jesus that has supported us through this terrible time, coupled with the support of family and friends.  

Sunday 5th October is the Harvest Festival Service at Holy Trinity Church and our Gift Day.  This is the time when we give back to God what we can afford for the work in our church for his Glory from the goodness of his riches to us.  We ask you all to join us in this thanksgiving service at 10.30am  to thank Our Dear Lord for His goodness to us. 

Rhona Barker

Hon. Treasurer and Eastern Archdeaconry Synod Representative

Thou that hast given so much to me,

Give one thing more--a grateful heart:

Not thankful when it pleaseth me,

As if thy blessings had spare days,

But such a heart whose Pulse may be Thy Praise.

~~George Herbert 1593-1633



Christine Spatoula - Churchwarden Sept 2012 - present

I was born and grew up in the small town of Atherton in the North of England.  I remember at secondary school reading ‘My Family & other Animals’ and thinking Corfu was an exotic and faraway place.  I didn’t know then that it was in God’s plan for me to make my life here!  I met my husband, Spiro, whilst on my first holiday abroad in 1983.  At that time I was doing my training for psychiatric nursing and I spent the next 4 years coming to Corfu for holiday to see Spiro.  I made the big decision to come and live here in 1987.   

After the birth of my son, Niko, in 1993 I started to go to the Mums and Tots group at Holy Trinity Corfu.  Although I had been brought up in a very devout Catholic family I has stopped going to church when I came to live here.  I had strayed far away from the church and from God!!  It was whilst going to Mums & Tots I got invited to an Alpha course.   To cut a very, very long story short I eventually did the Alpha, and my life was changed forever!  I realized just how important it was to have Jesus at the centre of my life – ‘the scales fell from my eyes’.    There began my journey with none other than the Creator of the Universe and now years on I cannot imagine living my life without God in it! 

God has done so many amazing things, big and small, in my walk with Him.  At the end of John’s Gospel he writes that there isn’t enough space to write down all the things that Jesus had done…and so that is with my life.   

I Praise the Lord for His amazing presence in my life every day.   

‘Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,

That saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now I’m found,

Was blind, but now I see.’ 

Christine Spatoula



Pulse August 2014



Pauline Argyrou, Churchwarden 2009 - present


I hail from Leytonstone even though none of my grandparents originate from there. I was Christened/Baptized in St John’s Church Leytonstone at the age of two months. Later in life I attended the Girl Guides there and was also married in this Church, when I am in the U.K this is where I worship. My mother Edna was confirmed and married in St John’s. Having said all this I was brought up in a Christian family Plymouth Brethren which I attended, I went to Sunday School/Youth Club where we played badminton, the hall was a full size court. My other hobbies as a teenager were Judo/Tennis/Hockey/piano.  I gave my life to Christ as a teenager. My dream from an early age was to be an Air Hostess; my father wanted me to be a nurse as a good Brethren daughter should be. I guided my education towards this by obtaining catering qualifications which was part of the criteria then. I did become an Air Stewardess, notice the name change from when I was a child to an adult. This profession I believe God did not allow me to remain in too long, which was only three years as He had other plans for me. I met my husband Spyros, we were also married in the Greek Orthodox Church in the village where I now live on the west coast, and I have now lived for almost 40 years. My first Sunday in Corfu my husband took me to Holy Trinity all those years ago where I met Margaret Woodley then Churchwarden, she had only arrived one week before me. Margaret was also Plymouth Brethren; we became life long friends, now I am part of the furniture. All my working life has been in tourism, my first five years was working for a tourist office, and then from 1980 I worked at Corfu Airport as an Airline Supervisor, becoming a Station Manager. I retired in 2005. I believe I was called to Corfu, as so many other members of the congregation have been to support HTC and to further God’s plan for Corfu.       





Danny - Flautist




Daniel Damaskinos was born in 2001 in Corfu. He started playing piano at the age of 6 and in 2010 he decided to play the flute. He joined the philharmonic orchestra Mantzaros and started practising.   In 2012 he began playing at Holy Trintiy during the service with Rob Sherratt and in autumn 2013 his hard work paid off when he won the first award of Stefanos Dolianites for young musicians in Corfu.
He also started taking lessons with Ria Georgiades, a professor at the musical department of the Ionian academy.




Danny has been playing flute at HTC for almost two years now, and all members of the congregation love to hear his beautiful music.