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Holy Trinity Corfu, as part of the Anglican Church in Greece, has re-opened under the regulations laid down by the Greek State and in conjunction with the Orthodox Church and the Diocese of Europe. 

IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL it is recommended that you do not attend a Service.

In accordance with these regulations we are required to hold a record of every person who visits the church including the name, an email address, telephone number and local place of residence.

This measure is needed only to facilitate any contact tracing. Personal information is not retained on file and will be destroyed after the recommended period has expired. 

FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE please provide a MASK – GLOVES – SANITZER and a DISPOSABLE BAG for these used items to be taken away with you after your visit.

As it is not possible to provide refreshments at present please consider bringing your own drinking water with you.

Masks and gloves are to be worn at all times and a Social Distancing of 1.5 metres is required at all times while on the premises.

Hand Sanitizer is provided at the entrance – please use this before entering and exiting the church even when wearing gloves.

Our Sidespersons will direct you to your seat.

Sanitizer is also provided at the toilets.  Please use this before entering and after exiting the facility even when wearing gloves.

IF YOU ARE UNFORTUNATE ENOUGH TO CONTRACT COVID-19 after having visited Holy Trinity Corfu, please contact us immediately by email at:

Thank you